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South Padre Island Public adjusters


South Padre Island Public Adjusters


South Padre Island Public Adjusters Services

South Padre Island Public AdjustersIf you need a public adjuster after a storm or other catastrophe damages your home or business in South Padre Island, here’s what you can expect:

• South Padre Island public adjusters are thorough. We inspect everything in search of all possible losses. While your insurance company may walk through a room taking notes, we’ll spend time going through every inch of the room and documenting all losses. For example, an insurance company adjuster may note a stained ceiling tile and then move to the next room. We peek under that stained ceiling tile and note all of the related damage such as damaged wiring or waterlogged insulation that will also need to be replaced.

• Extensive insurance loss documentation. Using digital cameras and notebooks, we carefully document our findings. Your claim may have dozens, if not hundreds, of digital photos backing up your insurance losses.

• Complete insurance inventories. Along with documenting your losses, we create a complete inventory of your belongings. This inventory details what was damaged, how much it cost originally, how much it will cost to replace, and supporting details.

• Thorough insurance policy review. While most homeowners insurance policies contain similar language, terms, and exclusions, it’s smart to examine your individual policy to ensure that everything that you are entitled to is known. For example, it’s not uncommon for insurance policies to limit some types of losses such as art, fine jewelry, and cash. However, if you had opted for an insurance rider or endorsement, your policy will cover much more of these losses than the standard policy. By having a public insurance adjuster analyze your policy, you can make sure that nothing is forgotten.

• Accurate estimates. South Padre Island public adjusters use state-of-the-art estimating software and knowledge of local building costs to come up with accurate rebuilding estimates.

• Insurance paperwork help. When filing a storm claim, the insurance paperwork can be confusing and seem to be never ending. Public adjusters know these forms intimately and can easily fill them out. After all, these forms are a routine part of a public adjuster’s job. When you have a public adjuster working for you, simply hand over the paperwork burden and rest assured knowing that not only will your insurance forms be handled professionally, they will be less likely to be sent back from your insurance company due to incomplete information or errors of omission.

• Insurance negotiations. After documenting your losses and preparing detailed estimates, your public adjuster will present a package to your insurance company consisting of all the necessary forms, digital photos, notes, inventories, and estimates. Any areas of disagreement between the insurance company and the adjuster will be worked out through direct talks.