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South Padre Island Public Adjusters


South Padre Island Public Adjusters Faqs

South Padre Island Public AdjustersWhy should I hire South Padre Island public adjusters when my insurance adjuster has already been out to survey the damage?
Remember the key difference between insurance adjusters and public adjusters: insurance adjusters work for insurance companies while public adjusters work for policyholders. While it’s true that your insurance adjuster may have seen the damage, it’s not the insurance adjuster’s job to fully document your losses. This job falls on you. Because of this, some losses may not have been noted by your insurance adjuster, and therefore, those losses won’t be included in your final settlement check. By hiring a public adjuster of your own, you can do your job by providing your insurance company with proof of ALL of your losses.

How much does it cost to use South Padre Island public adjusters?
What’s neat about using public insurance adjusters is that the adjusters are paid only if they yield results for you – and this payment comes out of your insurance settlement. You do not need to pay any fees upfront or out of pocket. Plus, if the adjuster is unable to negotiate a settlement for you, you do not pay. There’s no risk and a lot of potential gain when you hire a public adjuster.

Can’t I just do the same thing on my own?
You can definitely handle your own insurance claim without a public adjuster’s help. In fact, that’s what is expected of policyholders; it is the policyholder’s job to prove insurance losses. However, if you want to make your job easier and make sure that everything possible is included in your paperwork, hiring a public adjuster can accomplish those goals.

Doesn’t my insurance company owe me? I pay my premiums on time, so they should pay me what I need to rebuild!
We agree. If you pay your premiums and then suffer a covered loss, the insurance company should pay you everything that you are entitled to under your insurance policy. That’s exactly what public adjusters make sure happens for their clients. It’s not that your insurance company isn’t thorough; it’s just that the responsibility for proving insurance losses falls on the policyholder rather than the insurance company. By having an adjuster on your side working to uncover all losses, you can make sure that everything that is covered under your policy has been discovered and presented to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What types of insurance claims qualify for help from South Padre Island public adjusters?
Just about any large insurance claim could benefit from a public insurance adjuster’s scrutiny. Certainly, some claims such as minor fender benders are simple enough that hiring a public adjuster isn’t necessary. However, if you have any claim with significant amounts of damage, it’s wise to have an insurance pro on your side finding and documenting all possible losses.